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Can anyone justify dancing to the tunes of China?

  • Bharatheeyans” producer, Dr. Shankar Naidu Adusumilli, NRI

I am Dr. Shankar Naidu Adusumilli. I am a Telugu-American with my roots firmly set in India. I produced the soon-to-release patriotic film, Bharatheeyans”. The censor board officials are scared of China and are trying to stifle our voice. Bharatheeyans is the first-ever movie that showcases China’s atrocities on India. You all might be aware of China’s attacks and backstabbing on our country for decades. But there’s much more than meets the eye.

China shares about 3218 kilometers of land with India. This is one of the world’s longest borders. Since the 1950s, China has been attacking India through several direct and indirect wars. China even annexed Tibet to strategically corner India. Claiming our state of Arunachal Pradesh, China also built roads and other infrastructure in a move to attack us. The dragon country is changing our maps on the border and also changing the names in Arunachal Pradesh. In 2020, Chinese soldiers trespassed into the Galwan Valley and killed 20 Indian soldiers.

Not stopping there, China, then made the deadly COVID-19 virus. The virus was made at a Wuhan lab and it claimed over 8 million lives across the world. China openly boycotted the G20 summit held in Kashmir a few weeks ago. China openly supports our enemy Pakistan over the disrupted land in Kashmir. How dare they question our sovereignty? China supports the dreaded militant outfit, Lashkar-e-Taiba, that masterminded the 26/11 attacks in 2008 in Mumbai in which 165 people were killed.

A few days ago, China blocked the Indo-US joint resolution to declare Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Syed Mir, who masterminded the 26/11 attack in Mumbai, as a dreaded terrorist.

China always stabs India in its back. It’s as dangerous, deceitful and evil as the British that ruled and colonized us and several other countries a few centuries ago. China doesn’t think twice before killing even its own people to stay in power. We have showcased this wicked country’s tyranny in our movie ‘Bharatheeyans’.

Unfortunately, the censor board has asked me not to mention China’s name in our film Bharatheeyans. Even worse, we were also asked to delete the name “Galwan Valley” from our movie. How anarchic and shameful is this! Are we handing over Galwan Valley to China? Are we surrendering to China? This is my appeal to all of you.

We cannot be silent, we cannot be weak. We should have the courage and fighting spirit of our national emblem, the 4 lions. Be a lion, support our movie “Bharatheeyans”. Jai Hind!!

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