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On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a love song was released from the movie “Just a Minute”.

Starring Abhishek Pacchipala, Nazia Khan, Jabardast Phani, and Satish Saripalli in lead roles- “Just A Minute” is produced by Arshad Tanveer and Dr. Prakash Dharmapuri under the banners of Red Swan Entertainment and Karthik Dharmapuri Presents and directed by Purnas Yashwant, this is the second song release from this movie.

Director Purnas Yashwant said on this occasion: The first look we released earlier got a very good response. Later the teaser also got an amazing response. Everyone who has seen the teaser is giving positive comments and appreciating that the concept is different, which gives us good courage. The trailer is also going to be released very soon. More interesting elements will be revealed in the trailer. Haimat Garu who has sung many wonderful songs in the past is a plus for the song and Rambabu Gosala’s lyrics are very entertaining for the youth.

Producers say: We are very excited by the response to the first look and teaser. Like this, the audience’s acceptance should be on us and our movie “Just a Minute”. We wish the audience bless and make the movie a success.

Abhishek Pachipala, Nazia Khan, Jabardast Phani, Satish Saripalli, Ishita, Vinisha, Kushi Bhatt, Nagireddy

Written and Directed by: Arshad Tanveer

Production under:
Red Swan Entertainment,
Karthik Dharmapuri Presents,

Producers: Arshad Tanveer, Dr. Prakash Dharmapuri

DOP: Ameer
Art Director : Shekhar Ippakayala
Editor : Durga Narasimha
Music: S. K Bhaji
Sound Design : Pawan Kalyan
Sound Mixing: Navneet Chari
VFX: Madhu
DI Colorist: Kiran Boosam
Lyrics: Rambabu Gosala
Digital Media: Digital Dukanam
PRO: Madhu V R

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