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“Parliamentary Etiquette Reinforced by Speaker Gaddam Prasad Kumar’s Directive to Legislators”

In a bid to maintain decorum and uphold parliamentary protocol, Speaker Gaddam Prasad Kumar issued a significant directive to members of the House. The directive, aimed at fostering a focused and respectful atmosphere during legislative sessions, outlined key guidelines for MLAs.

One of the primary instructions emphasized by Speaker Kumar was the prohibition of mobile phone usage, electronic device usage, and video viewing without prior permission from the Assembly Inside Chair. This measure seeks to ensure that legislators remain attentive and engaged in the proceedings without distractions.

Furthermore, the Speaker clarified that members are not permitted to address the media while the session is ongoing. Instead, they are directed to utilize designated media points only after the conclusion of the session or during designated break times. This restriction aims to prevent disruptions and maintain the integrity of the legislative process.

The issuance of this directive comes in response to recent incidents, including a protest staged by BRS MLAs after being denied access to the media point during a previous session. The Speaker’s firm stance underscores the importance of adhering to established parliamentary norms and respecting the sanctity of legislative proceedings.

By setting clear guidelines and expectations for conduct within the House, Speaker Gaddam Prasad Kumar seeks to promote a productive and orderly environment conducive to meaningful deliberation and decision-making. Ultimately, his directive serves to reinforce the principles of accountability, professionalism, and respect within the realm of parliamentary governance.

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