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Telangana CM Revanth Reddy’s Vision for Rural Development

In a stirring address during the Sant Sewalal Maharaj Jayanti celebrations, CM Revanth Reddy unveiled a comprehensive plan aimed at empowering rural communities across the state. With a commitment to inclusive development, Reddy pledged to construct buildings for every panchayat within a year, ensuring access to essential infrastructure for all. Additionally, he promised BT road accommodation for Tandas and electricity for villages in need, emphasizing the government’s dedication to addressing fundamental needs.

Education emerged as a cornerstone of Reddy’s vision, as he vowed to establish schools even in the smallest Thandas, recognizing education as the key to a brighter future. Furthermore, plans to consolidate SC, ST, BC, and minority Gurukuls in designated complexes underscored efforts to foster unity and inclusivity.

The CM’s impassioned speech resonated with his colleagues, with ministers and MLAs offering personal sacrifices, including fasting and forgoing salaries, to support these ambitious initiatives. Reddy also paid homage to the Congress party’s historical support for marginalized communities, highlighting past leaders’ contributions and urging continued solidarity.

As the state government marks its first anniversary, Reddy affirmed his unwavering commitment to serve the people, vowing to remain accessible and accountable. He called upon citizens to stand united in upcoming elections, advocating for the Congress party’s agenda of progress and social justice. In a poignant gesture, Reddy urged support for financially disadvantaged candidates, emphasizing the importance of empowering the underprivileged in the democratic process.

In sum, CM Revanth Reddy’s bold vision for rural development encapsulates a commitment to equity, opportunity, and community empowerment, setting the stage for a brighter future for all citizens of the state.

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