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“PM Modi Soars in Global Popularity: Tops Leadership Survey with Impressive 76% Approval Rating”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been ranked as the world’s most popular leader, with a stellar 76% approval rating, as per a survey conducted by the US-based consultancy firm Morning Consult. This high approval rating positions him at the top of global leadership charts, marking a significant achievement in his tenure as the Prime Minister of India.

The survey, which measures the popularity of world leaders, showcases PM Modi’s enduring appeal and the widespread support for his leadership style and governance. His approval rating outshines that of other global leaders, with the next highest-ranking leader scoring less than ten percentage points below Modi. This lead underscores the remarkable distinction he holds in the international arena.

PM Modi’s top position in the survey reflects his ability to maintain a strong leadership image amidst various global challenges, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. His leadership style, policy decisions, and governance have resonated well with a large segment of the population, contributing to his high approval rating.

This recognition is not just a testament to Modi’s personal leadership qualities but also indicative of India’s growing influence and stature on the global stage. As PM Modi continues to lead the country, his high approval rating in international surveys like these strengthens his position as a significant global leader.

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