Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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PM Modi’s public meeting is passable

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Telangana and participated in a massive public meeting in Mahabubnagar. While BJP Telangana leaders took all care to make the high profile public meeting, it appears PM Narendra Modi has failed to charm the masses in the meeting.

PM Narendra Modi is considered as a master communicator and political analysts feel that he has a strong hold on people’s perceptions. PM Modi also learns about the culture, politics and people of the region wherever he goes. So naturally he spoke about Telangana’s issues and aspirations with command. While this is a positive aspect, the negative aspect about it is, there was not much emotion or new point in Narendra Modi’s speech. 

Narendra Modi attacked the ruling BRS party and KCR family. While it is necessary to train guns on KCR’s family, there was nothing new in the way PM Modi did it. He made the same old allegations against CM KCR, saying that BRS is a family party and its steering is in AIMIM hands. However, along with politics, PM Modi also announced the setting up of Turmeric Board and Tribal University in Telangana state.  

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