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“Protest Against ‘Guntur Karam’ Film’s Intellectual Portrayals Sparks Outrage”

In a fervent protest against the characterization of renowned intellectuals Karl Marx and Lenin as villains in the film “Guntur Karam,” a coalition comprising PDSU, PYL, and PWW expressed their discontent by burning an effigy of director Trivikram at the local Ambedkar Square. The protesters, including individuals such as Kiran, Siddu, Ishwar, Sharada, Ajay, Mahadevi, Savitramma, Anand, Ajay, and Kalyanam Raju, gathered to voice their objection to what they perceive as a misrepresentation of influential figures.

Their primary objective is to convey a clear message to society, emphasizing the significance of accurate and respectful portrayals of historical and intellectual figures in popular media. The activists are calling for immediate action, urging the registration of a case against Trivikram and the prompt removal of the names of Karl Marx and Lenin as villains in the movie. This protest underscores the intersection of art, ideology, and societal perceptions, sparking a debate on the responsibility of filmmakers in portraying historical and political figures with sensitivity and accuracy. The outcome of their request for legal action will likely influence the ongoing dialogue surrounding artistic freedom and responsible storytelling in the film industry.

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