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Rahul Gandhi suspension: Vendetta or Self Goal by PM Modi

Congress scion Rahul Gandhi has been suspended from Parliament, with lightning speed following the Surat Court verdict. In a typical vendetta-styled politics, Loksabha Housing Committee has immediately issued eviction notices to Rahul Gandhi to vacate his official residence at 12 Thughlak Road in Delhi. For which he promptly replied that he will vacate, though many fond memories are associated with the place. 

Like in case of all serious issues in Modi’s India, while BJP supporters have come in defence of Rahul Gandhi’s suspension, Congress and Opposition parties have been protesting fiercely, stressing that Rahul Gandhi’s suspension is seriously unconstitutional, undemocratic and born out of nothing but vendetta.

Congress cadres across India have been protesting against Rahul Gandhi’s suspension and even most of the Opposition parties have rallied behind Rahul Gandhi, finding fault with Modi dispensation’s conduct in this regard.

What’s interesting here is many neutral forces and intellectuals, who were hitherto critical of or dismissive of Rahul Gandhi also supported him in this issue, terming PM Modi’s Sarkar acts as seriously undermining democracy. 

Even Congress leaders and PM Modi opponents have also been stressing that Modi Sarkar went to the extent of suspending Rahul Gandhi as Modi is unable to answer Rahul Gandhi’s questions in case of Hindenburg Adani issue. Even general public are of the opinion as to why PM Modi is focusing so much of his energies on Rahul Gandhi, if he is not fearing Congress leader.  

Thus at the end of the day, Rahul Gandhi has only garnered sympathy in public, support of Opposition parties and image  of a crusader for transparency and democracy due to the suspension. Is this a self goal by PM Modi?

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