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“Rat-Hole Mining Experts Join Rescue Mission for 41 Trapped Workers in Uttarakashi Tunnel”

In the challenging rescue operation at Uttarakhand’s Silkyara tunnel, where 41 workers have been trapped since November 12, a team of rat-hole mining experts has been brought in to assist. After a modern drilling auger machine got stuck in the rubble, authorities switched to traditional rat-hole mining techniques. Around six experienced miners from Delhi and Ahmedabad are manually drilling horizontally through the rubble, removing 6-7 kg of debris per round. They are equipped with essential tools like spades, shovels, and oxygen masks for the operation.

Twelve experts are involved in excavating the last 10-12 meters of debris in the collapsed tunnel. So far, vertical drilling has reached a depth of 36 meters, completing about 40% of the required 86 meters. The rescue effort, which started on Diwali after the tunnel collapse due to a landslide, might include drilling the remaining stretch manually or creating a vertical escape passage.

International tunneling expert Arnold Dix is involved in the rescue mission and has promised to get the workers out by Christmas, a month from the reported date.

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