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RRR favored Rajamouli to hit a hat trick in South Indian cinema

SS Rajamouli, who is well known for his never-ending success in the Telugu film industry, has hit a hat trick in South Indian cinema with his recently released epic RRR. The film is breaking the box office everywhere with hefty collections worldwide, not only in the South Indian region but also in pan-India level as well.

He made a gigantic film Baahubali earlier and scored incredible success with its 1st part, by ending it with a twist that kept the audience in suspense till the release of its part-2. And, after watching the second part too, there was a tremendous response from the audience with countless box office collections. Even these two stories haven’t become greater than RRR, as RRR has crossed the collections of Baahubali 2 as well.

Now, RRR has also overpowered Shankar’s directorial 2.0 in terms of box office collections worldwide. So, among all the South Indian films, RRR is in 1st place at the box office amount, and the 2nd place goes to Baahubali 2, and the first part of Baahubali is in 3rd place. All these three blockbusters were directed by Rajamouli. So, Rajamouli hit a hat trick in the South Indian cinema.

So far, RRR has collected a gross amount of Rs 820 million worldwide. Not only in the South, but Rajamouli has become a star director in the north belt also, as RRR defeated the box office collections of Gangubai Kathiawadi, and The Kashmir Files, which are the latest blockbusters in Bollywood. Thus, Rajamouli has been receiving appreciation from every corner of the world.  

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