Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Smita Sabharwal’s Respectful Meeting with Minister Seethakka.

Smita Sabharwal's Respectful Meeting with Minister Seethakka.

IAS officer Smita Sabharwal recently made headlines as she met Telangana Panchayat Raj Minister Seethakka at the Secretariat. This meeting coincided with Seethakka assuming her ministerial duties and was marked by a display of respect from Sabharwal. Known for her pivotal role as the Chief Secretary of the Telangana Irrigation Department during KCR’s leadership, Sabharwal played a key role in overseeing major projects such as Kaleswaram and Mission Bhagiratha.

The meeting gains significance as it follows a period of relative quiet for Sabharwal after the appointment of Revanth Reddy as Chief Minister. Amidst rumors circulating about Sabharwal’s potential transition to central services, she took to Twitter to clarify her stance. Dismissing the speculation, she affirmed her unwavering commitment to the state. Sabharwal expressed her pride in contributing to the governance of Telangana and conveyed her determination to continue serving in the capacity assigned by the Telangana government. This clarification underscores her ongoing dedication to state administration despite the swirling rumors surrounding her future roles.

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