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“TDP Turmoil in Srikakulam Amid Factional Clash Over Election Ticket”

In Srikakulam constituency, the TDP finds itself embroiled in internal strife as two factions, led by former MLA Gunda Lakshmidevi and rural leader Gondu Shankar, clash once again. This prolonged feud, spanning five years, has seen frequent confrontations and altercations between the two groups.

The recent incident unfolded on Palakonda Road, where leaders and activists from both factions engaged in a heated exchange, resulting in physical clashes. Gondu Shankar, aspiring for a constituency ticket, faced an attack from Gunda Lakshmidevi’s followers, leading to his expulsion from the area. The turmoil raises concerns about the impact of internal conflicts on public order.

The ongoing competition for a ticket in the upcoming elections has heightened tensions between the two groups. Despite provocations and a lack of clarification from the administration, both factions actively campaign, claiming the ticket as rightfully theirs. The incident during Gondu Shankar’s door-to-door program underscores the intensity of the rivalry, with clashes leaving bystanders frightened.

This internal strife within the TDP in Srikakulam not only jeopardizes party unity but also raises questions about the potential implications on public safety and order, especially when these factions are not in power. The electoral contest takes a troubling turn as party leaders resort to physical altercations, drawing attention to the need for resolution and internal cohesion.

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