Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Telangana Election Survey Aura Company Forecasts Congress Majority.

Telangana Election Survey Aura Company Forecasts Congress Majority.


Aura Company MD Sheikh Mastan recently presented findings from a survey conducted by his organization on the Telangana assembly election results. Speaking at a media conference in Somajiguda Press Club, he asserted that the survey, encompassing 119 constituencies, predicts a significant shift in power. According to the survey, the Congress party is anticipated to secure 58 to 67 seats, indicating a potential majority.

Mastan highlighted projections for other major parties, stating that the ruling BRS party might secure 41 to 49 seats, while the BJP could claim 5-7 seats. Additionally, the survey suggests that three other parties, Majlis, BSP, and CPI, collectively may secure 7-9 seats.

The MD emphasized that the survey was conducted comprehensively, with a ground-level approach involving their own staff. These district wise expectations provide valuable insights into the potential electoral landscape as Telangana gears up for the upcoming assembly elections.

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