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Telangana Elections, Controversy Arises Over Cash and Liquor Distribution.

Following the conclusion of the election campaign in Telangana, a less savory chapter unfolded as political parties engaged in attempts to sway voters in their favor. Reports of money distribution surfaced, with some individuals caught in the act during police checks. Complaints abound regarding the distribution of money to voters in certain areas, notably in Mandamarri within the Chennur constituency of Mancherial district.

Leaders from the ruling party are accused of distributing money to voters in Mandamarri, leading to a confrontation. Balka Suman’s followers allegedly attempted to attack an individual named Shravan, who intervened to halt the money distribution under the leadership of Mandamarri BRS town president Jaya Ravinder. The situation escalated as villagers were incited, prompting an attempted attack on Shravan. Swift action by the Blue Coat Police averted a potentially volatile situation, highlighting the challenges of maintaining order during the election period.

The scenario paints a broader picture of electoral practices, with reports suggesting a widespread program enticing voters with money, liquor, and other incentives in villages and towns across the state. Despite efforts by the Election Commission to curb the flow of alcohol and money during elections, emerging reports indicate that poll management tactics are evolving, posing challenges in ensuring a fair and untainted electoral process.

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