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“Telangana’s ‘Praja Palana’ Unveils Direct Governance Approach”

Telangana is poised for a governance revolution with the introduction of “Praja Palana,” an initiative designed to address citizens’ needs directly. Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy highlighted a decade-long disconnect between the government and its people, a sentiment echoed by the overwhelming response to the “Praja Vani” program. Over eight days, starting December 28, official teams will visit two villages daily, culminating in gram sabhas where villagers can articulate grievances using a standardized format.

The heart of “Praja Palana” lies in its commitment to transparency and trust-building. By integrating elected representatives and officials into these village visits, the government aims to rebuild public confidence, marking a departure from previous inaccessible governance models. Chief Minister Reddy emphasized the initiative’s dual purpose: immediate grievance redressal and collating accurate beneficiary data. This data-driven approach will refine welfare scheme allocations, ensuring resources reach those in genuine need.

Furthermore, “Praja Palana” champions inclusivity. Beyond the scheduled village visits, citizens have the flexibility to submit applications even after January 6, ensuring that no genuine concern goes unaddressed. With backing from key figures like Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and senior officials, this initiative stands as Telangana’s bold step towards transparent, citizen-centric governance, setting a precedent for regions nationwide.

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