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Telugu Bigg Boss Finale Winner Faces c Post-Celebration Chaos

In a dramatic turn of events following the Telugu Bigg Boss finale, Pallavi Prashanth, popularly known as the Rythu Bidda (Farmer’s child), emerged victorious. However, celebrations took a dark turn as havoc unfolded after Prashant’s win.

Prashant’s followers, in their enthusiasm, reportedly engaged in destructive behavior, targeting vehicles belonging to other Bigg Boss contestants, including Amardeep and Ashwini Sree. The situation escalated into a clash between the followers of Amardeep and Prashant, resulting in damage to several RTC buses by the miscreants.

In response to the chaos, the Jubilee Hills Police took swift action, filing cases against Prashant under sections 147, 148, 290, 353, 426, and 149. These charges include offenses related to the willful destruction of both private and public property. Notably, cases were also filed against Prashant’s followers, reflecting accountability for their actions.

The police have initiated Sumoto proceedings against Prashant, indicating that legal repercussions may be imminent. The aftermath of the Bigg Boss finale has cast a shadow over the show, garnering negative press due to these regrettable incidents that unfolded on Sunday night.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining decorum and responsibility during celebrations, even in the aftermath of a widely watched and celebrated event like Bigg Boss.

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