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Vijayashanthi Alleges BJP Collaboration with KCR, Joins Congress to Combat Corruption A Political Unveiling.

Former MP and Congress leader Vijayashanthi has leveled serious allegations against the BJP, claiming that the party has formed an alliance with its supposed adversary. She expressed frustration, accusing Prime Minister Modi of being subservient to KCR and questioned the BJP leadership’s failure to act on evidence of KCR’s corruption despite earlier claims. Vijayashanthi suggested a secret agreement between BJP and BRS and stated that activists who joined BJP for action against KCR’s corruption felt deceived.

Speaking alongside Congress MP Uttam Kumar Reddy, Vijayashanthi criticized BJP for not taking decisive action against KCR despite being in power at the center. She contended that activists joined BJP hoping for action against corruption but were misled. Alleging a conspiracy, she mentioned the removal of BJP president Sanjay and accused KCR of planting leaders in the party. Vijayashanthi asserted her allegiance to Congress, emphasizing the goal of ousting KCR.

In a recent development, Vijayashanthi has been appointed as the Chief Coordinator of the Congress Campaign and Planning Committee for the Telangana Assembly elections by party chief Mallikarjuna Kharge. Alongside her, 15 others were named as conveners, reflecting the party’s strategy for the upcoming elections. Former ministers, MLAs, and senior leaders have been assigned key roles in this committee, signaling a proactive approach by Congress in Telangana politics.

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