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Election Crackdown Seizures Totaling Rs 603 Crore Unearthed Across State Ahead of Assembly Elections.

In the lead-up to the upcoming assembly elections, rigorous inspections have been conducted across the state, resulting in a substantial crackdown on illicit activities. Election officials disclosed that a staggering Rs 603 crore worth of assets have been seized during these inspections, painting a vivid picture of the scale of misconduct.

Cash seizures accounted for a significant portion, with Rs 214 crore confiscated, underscoring the potential misuse of financial resources in the electoral process. Liquor valued at Rs 96 crore and drugs, along with other intoxicants worth Rs 34 crore, were also among the items seized, highlighting efforts to curb the influence of substances during elections.

Precious metals featured prominently in the seizures, with gold and silver items amounting to Rs 179 crore. The crackdown extended to various commodities, including rice, sarees, and mobiles, totaling Rs 78 crore. These comprehensive efforts indicate a multi-faceted approach to address potential election-related malpractices.

Simultaneously, election authorities have been leveraging technology to ensure transparency and accountability. The Sea Whistle app has been instrumental, receiving 5183 complaints, signaling an active engagement from the public in reporting irregularities. Furthermore, the National Grievance Redressal Service handled a substantial 20,670 complaints, with an impressive resolution rate of 20,301, reinforcing the commitment to fair and ethical electoral practices.

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