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Effective measures to get rid of heart complications

Firstly, we have brought this news in front of you to let you enhance your knowledge of several heart complications and how to avoid them by taking necessary precautions. Nowadays, heart attacks have become prevalent and lead to sudden and unexpected deaths. 

For example, we have seen many celebs who died of heart attacks, and the most recent one is the popular Bollywood singer KK. His sudden demise yesterday still remains a big shock to the nation, as he was only 53 years old, and died of a heart attack. 

According to scientific studies, being active can reduce your risk of developing some heart and circulatory diseases by as much as 35%. But being physically inactive can lead to heart and circulatory diseases like heart attack and stroke. The Health Department says, approximately 35% of coronary heart disease mortality is due to physical inactivity. Nearly 60% of Americans of age 18 are physically inactive, due to this, the annual death rate in the United States due to heart attacks is over 7,00,000.

Regular exercises will make your heart and blood circulatory system more efficient, lower your cholesterol levels and keep your body blood pressure at a healthy level. You can also get rid of heart risks by boosting your mood, improving your concentration and memory, and maintaining your sleep better. 

You should target to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week. This can raise your heart rate and make you breathe faster and feel warmer. There are many other ways to reduce your heart risks, like lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This is important because people with diabetes have a higher chance of developing coronary heart disease. 

Smoking is a major risk factor for developing atherosclerosis. It also causes the majority of cases of coronary thrombosis in people under the age of 50. Those who drink, should not drink more than 14 units a week. As binge drinking increases the risk of heart attack, you should avoid it completely, if you are accustomed to it. 

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