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Harish Rao Challenges Congress’s White Paper on Telangana’s Economic Status

BRS MLA and former minister Harish Rao recently took a critical stance against the Congress-led government’s white paper on the economic conditions of Telangana. During a discussion, Rao alleged that the Congress is manipulating facts in the white paper to sidestep the implementation of six key guarantees promised to the public.

Rao specifically targeted Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka, insinuating that the white paper’s narrative was orchestrated by a retired IAS officer from Andhra Pradesh, supposedly a close associate of CM Revanth Reddy’s mentor. When confronted by Minister Sridhar Babu, Rao remained steadfast, suggesting he could reveal further details if required.

Highlighting what he perceived as a skewed presentation in the white paper, Rao emphasized the need for a balanced portrayal of Telangana’s economic landscape. He cautioned that misrepresenting the state’s financial health could deter investments, thereby jeopardizing job prospects and opportunities. Despite external challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and central government policies leading to increased debt, Rao asserted Telangana’s significant contributions to India’s GDP and its leading position in per capita income growth.

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