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Indian tea industry to benefit from economic crisis of Sri Lanka

Facing critical economic adversities, Sri Lanka is not capable of exporting tea in the current situation. Actually, it plays a significant role in the global tea market. Now, the country is looking to create the right set of circumstances for the tea industry in India. 

Recently, the tea traders of North Bengal advised Sri Lanka to hope for scope by setting up a new market in India. The chairman of the Siliguri Tea Auction Committee and trader, Kamal Kumar Tiwari said, “Sri Lankan buyers who cannot get tea owing to the present obstacles, will depend on India.”

Tiwari further said that the Indian market will be benefited, if this situation progresses as it is in the Island nation, and people who prefer the best quality India can provide them as it offers good quality tea. Satis Miturka, who is the owner of a tea garden, said that India will be a boon for the ailing industry if the Indian market stretched more.

The Island nation is a crucial producer of orthodox tea, they produce around three million kg of the substance and higher amounts of its products are exported to American and European countries. As a consequence of the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the buyers will be reluctant to purchase tea from the country and will relocate to India as well. Then the shift will strengthen the Indian orthodox tea market.

At present, Sri Lanka is in a great struggle with a deficiency of food and electricity, and the recession is credited to foreign exchange shortages due to the suppression of tourism at the time of the pandemic. Even unemployed people are taking part in the agitations against the government to get two-times meals, as the economic crisis is getting worse day by day.

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