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Pre Poll Survey Forecasts Political Shift in 2023 Telangana Assembly Elections.

The results of the Pre Poll Survey for the upcoming 2023 Telangana Assembly election campaign have been unveiled, setting the stage for a challenging political landscape. The South First Survey suggests a potential shift in voter allegiance, indicating that the BRS party, which has held the government for the past two terms, may face a tough battle this time.

According to the survey, the opposition party Congress is projected to secure 57-62 assembly seats, presenting a formidable challenge to the ruling BRS, which is expected to win 41-46 seats. The survey also highlights Rahul Gandhi’s endorsement of Jaggareddy in the Sangareddy campaign, with a bold claim that KCR’s allegedly looted money will be redistributed to the people.

Meanwhile, the BJP, aspiring to form the government in Telangana, is forecasted to win only 3-6 seats, signaling a single-digit presence. The Majlis Party AIMIM is predicted to maintain its stronghold by winning 6-7 seats, while other parties may secure one or two seats, as per the South First pre-poll survey.

Despite various parties proclaiming their intent to form the government, the Congress stands out by announcing a specific date, December 9, for its government formation. The political landscape appears uncertain, with voters eagerly anticipating the outcome, set to be revealed on December 3. The guarantee schemes and surveys announced by the Congress party add an extra layer of anticipation to the upcoming elections in Telangana.

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