Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Staff Workers Union Advocates for RTC Reforms in Meeting with CM Revanth


Rajireddy, the General Secretary of the Staff Workers Union (SW), met with CM Revanth at the Secretariat to discuss crucial reforms within the RTC. A primary focus of the discussion was the union’s plea to integrate unions within the RTC, aiming to abolish the welfare committees established during the BRS regime.

Presenting a detailed petition, Rajireddy highlighted specific concerns, notably advocating for compassionate appointments. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing the appointment of medically unfit employees’ children into regular positions rather than offering them contractual roles.

Furthermore, Rajireddy urged the government to expedite the RTC merger process, emphasizing the necessity of announcing a clear appointment date. This meeting underscores the union’s commitment to addressing critical issues within the RTC framework and fostering equitable reforms in collaboration with the government.

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